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I'm an Associate Professor in Computer Science. I research Design Thinking, Data Visualization and HCI. Recently, I have been exploring how AI impacts the engineering and architecture design processes, the carbon foot print of croissants and how with parametric design it can be reduced. In the lab, we also work on how to enhance space suits. Follow the lab's insta for pics!

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🌍 Publications

  1. M. A. Kuhail, S. S. Mathew, et al., "‘Will I Be Replaced?’ Assessing ChatGPT's Effect on Software Development Jobs," in Science of Computer Programming, p. 103111, 2024.
  2. D. Drozdzewski, J. O. Berengueres, "Developing QualNotes: A collaborative and cross-disciplinary platform," in Digital Geography and Society, vol. 6, p. 100086, 2024.
  3. M. A. Kuhail, J. Berengueres, and T. Kuhail, "Haptic systems: Trends and lessons learned for future HCI," in Electronics, vol. 12, no. 8, p. 1888, 2023.
  4. J. Berengueres, M. AlKuwaiti, and M. Abduljabbar, "Adding Sound Transparency to a Spacesuit..." in IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2023.

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A series of books to think better.

Berengueres, J. (2007). The Toyota production system re-contextualized. Lulu. com. I wrote this book while I was finsihing my PhD in Tokyo.

A free textbook (ibook) to teach design thinking.

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🤖 AI x Teaching

Check our working paper on how to use AI assitants to support teaching here, try the chatbot here.

CV & Bio

Short bio. Jose is from Barcelona. Received a PhD in bio-inspired robotics from Tokyo Institute of Technology. He works on data visualization, design thinking, ethics for IT, HCI, leadership in IT, and of course AI. He likes coaching entrepreneurs at the university incubator and angel investing. Has taught at business and design schools, and regularly advises to corporations and governments on creativity, analytics and strategy. In 2008, he developed two startups (a visual Twitter and a photo-sharing site). Jose has published several books on creativity such as Introduction to Data Visualization & Storytelling. To pitch an idea for your startup send me a deck on LinkedIn, particularly if it is about #Edtech and LLM+desgin. For workshops and keynotes requests get in touch via email.